Lunar Eclipse

Considering the cloudy weather conditions, I’m very happy with the lunar eclipse photo from tonight’s workshop with the Amsterdam Photo Club. ISO 320.000 f/4.6 1/50sec 300mm


Selling my book at the Amsterdam Photography Fair: UNSEEN

In September, I will be participating in the Amsterdam photography fair’s book market. Together with a group of other self-published photographers we’ll have our own table at the book market were all books will be showcased for sale. The UNSEEN book market houses over 60 independent publishers. Each year, the book market focuses on new publications and offers a physical stage for book launches, signings and various forms of conversations on publishing practices.

Photo by Sanja Marusic for UNSEEN Amsterdam

Photographing the 2017 RIPE NCC Annual Report

This spring I was busy photographing the 2017 annual report for RIPE NCC. One of the five companies in the world that distribute the IP addresses on the internet.


Photo Book Fair

Very impressed at today’s photo book fair by so many talented photographers producing analogue images. Though it felt a little like bringing sand to Sahara when you’re trying to pimp a book about selling digital photos online



2018 Photography Trends & Optimizing Photo Sales Online

A new year means new trend analysis and updated workflows for submitting and selling photos online. During my presentation at LAB111 in Amsterdam, participants learned how to sell their photos to advertising agencies, magazines, book publishers, newspapers, designers and anyone else seeking to licence photographs. We also covered the latest photography trend analysis and how these trends could be incorporated into a photographer’s portfolio. We discussed examples of intellectual property infringement and liability issues when selling your photography on the world’s largest photography licensing platforms.