Aerial Silk Photo Workshop

Our Profoto strobe units firing at rapid speeds to capture high quality images of our suspended aerial silk performers during our latest Real Shoot Experience workshop.


Amsterdam Elm Tree Festival Photowalk

This weekend we explored the 8km route of the Amsterdam Elm Tree Festival route. Starting from the Iepenarboretum by the Amsterdam Eye and ending by the Botanical Gardens. #springsnow #amsterdam #expositie #iep #iepenzaadjes #amstelpark


Fun Fare Photography Excursion

Photographers can also have a lot of fun at the fun fare. The evening fun fare is probably one of the most difficult things to photograph. Very fast moving objects in dark conditions requires to push the settings of your camera to maximum. Going beyond the general long exposure night photography settings.


Updating Photography Course Material

It is not easy to create examples of ISO grain for our basic photography course, when the quality of today’s cameras are so incredibly high. After an evening of trying to replicate an identical photo with various ISO values. It becomes clear that the Canon 5D mark IV is no amateur toy.


It’s better to beg forgiveness, than ask for permission

A valuable motto learned from the book: ‘The Four Hour Work Week’: It is better to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission. That way you walk away with the photo few photographers have in their portfolio. It was an impressive scene to photograph. A moodboard and shoot list are essential tools when walking in to photograph a scene that do not cater well to photographers.