Upcoming workshops

Oct 2016: Astro Photography Workshop
Nov 2016: Supermoon 2016
Dec 2016: Amsterdam Light Festival

Past Workshops 2016

Sep 2016: Portfolio Review
Sep 2016: 
Drone Photography Workshop
Aug 2016: 
Amsterdam Harbour Excursion
Aug 2016: 
International Fireworks Festival
July 2016: Fast Track to Stock Photography
May 2016: Mastering Instagram for Photographers
Apr 2016: King’s Day Fireworks at Amsterdam Sloterplas
Apr 2016: World Press Photo Exhibition
Apr 2016: Cherry Blossoms in Westerpark
Apr 2016: Pillow Fight Day
Mar 2016: Portfolio Review
Mar 2016:
 Printing Your Photography Book
Mar 2016: Sin City Real Shoot Experience Workshop
Feb 2016: Amsterdam Chocolate Festival
Jan 2016: National Tulip Day 2016
Jan 2016: Portfolio Review

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Workshop Videos

Great Gatsby – September 2014

Abehind the scenes video of our ‘Great Gatsby’ photography workshop in Zwolle.


Game of Thrones – November 2013

The ‘Game of Thrones’ edition of our Real Shoot Experience workshop in the Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam. Followed by a great exhibition party, with Mad King Gin Tonics, Dothraki cosmopolitans and Lannister Ice Teas. Together with Kingsguard Nachos , Wildlings salsa & Baratheon Guacamole.

Interview with a Vampire – June 2013

A behind the scenes video from our Real Shoot Experience “Interview with a Vampire” workshop at the International Club in the Hague. Followed by a exhibition party at VLLA (appropriate for this event as VLLA used to be a funeral home).

Mad Men – December 2012

Real Shoot Experience workshop at the American Hotel in Amsterdam in the style of ‘Mad Men’.