Workshop Videos

Great Gatsby

Abehind the scenes video of our ‘Great Gatsby’ photography workshop in Zwolle.


Game of Thrones

The ‘Game of Thrones’ edition of our Real Shoot Experience workshop in the Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam. Followed by a great exhibition party, with Mad King Gin Tonics, Dothraki cosmopolitans and Lannister Ice Teas. Together with Kingsguard Nachos , Wildlings salsa & Baratheon Guacamole.

Interview with a Vampire

A behind the scenes video from our Real Shoot Experience “Interview with a Vampire” workshop at the International Club in the Hague. Followed by a exhibition party at VLLA (appropriate for this event as VLLA used to be a funeral home).

Mad Men

Real Shoot Experience workshop at the American Hotel in Amsterdam in the style of ‘Mad Men’.