Judging the Urban Photo Race Competition

Giving out prizes after judging the 2018 Amsterdam Urban Photo Race Competition. We had an honor to greet most of the winners, talk to the jury and reveal some outline of our prospects for next year’s competition.


New marketing platform

In the efforts to help build and support the local photography community, I’m very proud to having helped build a new marketing platform titled: Self Publishers United. A collective of more than twenty local photographers who have published their own photography books. The recently founded group will present itself for the first time at a stand during next week’s UNSEEN book market.



International Business Studies

After having dedicated the last 8 years of my life creating the Amsterdam Photo Club, the club (and foundation) has grown as far as I am able to take it. Before building on top of this platform of over 4.500 members, I have decided to enter into a 4 year bachelor’s program in international business at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. It is clear that the road forward will require additional business skills.


Teaching Photography at Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts

This year we started teaching our photography courses at the Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts. A rustic and vibrant environment that sparks inspiration to those seeking to develop their photography skills. See upcoming events here: https://www.meetup.com/Amsterdam-Photo-Club/events/
#amsterdam #photography


Lunar Eclipse

Considering the cloudy weather conditions, I’m very happy with the lunar eclipse photo from tonight’s workshop with the Amsterdam Photo Club. ISO 320.000 f/4.6 1/50sec 300mm


Photographing the 2017 RIPE NCC Annual Report

This spring I was busy photographing the 2017 annual report for RIPE NCC. One of the five companies in the world that distribute the IP addresses on the internet.


Photo Book Fair

Very impressed at today’s photo book fair by so many talented photographers producing analogue images. Though it felt a little like bringing sand to Sahara when you’re trying to pimp a book about selling digital photos online



2018 Photography Trends & Optimizing Photo Sales Online

A new year means new trend analysis and updated workflows for submitting and selling photos online. During my presentation at LAB111 in Amsterdam, participants learned how to sell their photos to advertising agencies, magazines, book publishers, newspapers, designers and anyone else seeking to licence photographs. We also covered the latest photography trend analysis and how these trends could be incorporated into a photographer’s portfolio. We discussed examples of intellectual property infringement and liability issues when selling your photography on the world’s largest photography licensing platforms.


Annie Leibovitz Photography Course

As a hardcore fan of Annie Leibovitz, few photographers have been so excited about a photography course as I was when I discovered she was giving a masterclass. Annie Leibovitz’s course in photography was truly inspirational. Focusing on content of the photographs. rather than camera settings.

Annie Leibovitz - Teaches Photography - Masterclass

RIPE Atlas Anchor 2017

Photo assignment for the 2017 version of the new RIPE Atlas Anchor. These devices build the largest Internet measurement network ever made. RIPE Atlas employs a global network of probes that measure Internet connectivity and reachability, providing an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time. The RIPE Atlas anchors are both enhanced RIPE Atlas probes with more measurement capacity, as well as regional measurement targets within the greater RIPE Atlas network. Anchors provide valuable information about local and regional connectivity,

RIPE Atlas Anchors 02

Photos on the wall in D’Juice House

Very proud to have my photography covered wall to wall in the brand new juice house, D’Juice House, in the middle of Amsterdam’s city center.


A Pilgrimage for all Photographers

Every summer since 1970, the small city of Arles in the south of France has become a Mecca for photographers from all over the world. From May to September, the festival ‘Rencontres d’Arles’ welcomes more than 100 000 visitors, and plays host to over 40 exhibitions, workshops, symposiums, portfolio reviews, book signings and more. Even featuring heavyweight photographers like Annie Leibovitz. The exhibitions are shown on various heritage sites like 12th century chapels or 19th century industrial buildings which are open to the public only for the duration of the festival. Many photographers have been discovered as a result of the festival’s importance as a springboard for photographic and contemporary creative talent.


Photo Feature in Noordhollands Dagblad

The Noordhollands Dagblad featured one of my photos last week with a nice article about the upcoming musical LIESBETH LIST.


Amsterdam Photo Club Foundation

After 7 years of organising over 180 photography events, the Amsterdam Photo Club has grown into an active and reputable local photography community of over 3.500 members. In our ongoing effort to offer free photography events and cost efficient workshops, we are proud to announce the creation of the Amsterdam Photo Club Foundation.

Amsterdam Photo Club Foundation

Juices & Shakes Product Photo Shoot

A set of colorful photos featuring the products to be sold in one of Amsterdam’s new juice bar.


The Risks of Offering Your Photos for Free

An increasing amount of photographers are giving their photos away, rather than selling them for smaller amounts (royalty free licenses). Websites such as ‘Unsplash’ is one of the websites offering users over 200,000 free high-resolution photos for use by anyone commercially, and without having to reference the photographer (creative commons zero license or CC0).

A good alternative for those users that do not feel the need to license the images they use, rather than pulling images from various sources without rights and permission.

Buried in the 5.000 word terms & conditions, which most likely none of the photographers read, the photographer does not need to upload a model release. But by uploading a photo, they agree that you have the proper releases, ownership and permissions needed to permit users to use the photo freely. And the terms and conditions provide no claims for unauthorised use of an image. Hence, the photographer is 100% liable for any legal implications that may follow from the content depicted in the image.

As any experienced stock photographer knows, getting your images approved for sale is a challenging task. The list of restrictions and legal requirements is long, and can for many photographers take years to fully comprehend. Required model releases of recognisable people is only the top of the iceberg of requirements.

Though the creative commons zero license does not pose an immediate threat to existing stock photographers, since most photos available have not been produced with buyer’s needs in mind; it is important that photographers understand the serious responsibility and risks offering their photos under such a license has. Especially if they are not up to date on the restrictions and requirements that go along with image licensing.


Photo Workshop at the Beach

Our photo club’s advanced course students had a fun day at the beach with their models this weekend. They have in the past month been taking their photography to the next level. Increase their awareness of light and composition. Learning to see the way the camera sees by looking at specific photography areas of portraits, macro, travel, flash and landscape. They have been developing their style through focusing on your interests and realizing the impact of their images.


Fashion Show Photography Assignment

I had loads of fun this weekend assisting photographer Loredana Sangiuliano in photographing the 2017 summer collection of an African inspired fashion line.


Aerial Silk Photo Workshop

Our Profoto strobe units firing at rapid speeds to capture high quality images of our suspended aerial silk performers during our latest Real Shoot Experience workshop.


Amsterdam Elm Tree Festival Photowalk

This weekend we explored the 8km route of the Amsterdam Elm Tree Festival route. Starting from the Iepenarboretum by the Amsterdam Eye and ending by the Botanical Gardens. #springsnow #amsterdam #expositie #iep #iepenzaadjes #amstelpark